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Y1 and 2 Birch - Miss Stinchcombe

Birch Class supporting World Mental Health Day #HelloYellow

Welcome to Birch Class!


Here you will see all the latest things that are happening in our class. Our PE days are every Monday and Wednesday. Homework is sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned to school every Wednesday. We encourage our children to practise their number skills on Numbots (Year 1) and TTRS (Year 2). The class teacher is Miss Stinchcombe and other adults that your child will work with across the unit are Mr Credland, Mrs Towsey, Miss Avery, Miss Tilley, Mrs Setchell, Mrs Marshall (Maple Teacher) and Miss MacDonald (Hawthorn Teacher). 





We share all of our exciting activites on Seesaw. Remember to check your child's page regularly to see what they have been learning. 

Resources to support your child at home

Little Wandle Phonics Resources
This is the scheme we use and their online lessons can help with understanding the vocabulary and approach we use. You will also find pronunciation guides which show how the children are taught to say the phonemes and a glossary of terms.

Phonics Play:

Here you will find a selection of free Phonics resources and games, alongside subscriber only resources, to reinforce your child's learning in Phonics. This website is also full of useful information about Phonics, what it is and how it is taught.

Top Marks

This website contains games related to almost every part of the curriculum. We like to play them in Maths especially! You can search by game or by area of the curriculum and age. 
Some of our favorites are Hit the Button, Mental Maths Train and Number Pieces.

One Minute Maths

This is an app downloadable from The App Store, Google Play Store and for Amazon Kindle. It practices subitising, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has been developed by White Rose Maths, the math's scheme we use for our lessons. At the moment we haven't done any multiplication or division, but we have learnt the other three areas.

Boom Reader (used to be GoRead)

This is our reading records and is accessable at home and school. This can be used as an app or a webpage. Your child will have a school code and pin code to access their account. These details should be on the inside cover of your child's homework book but if you do not have this please get in touch and I can send it home.

Rudy' Run!


On Tuesday 13th December the Year 1/2 children are taking part in Rudy's Run to help raise vital funds for St Barnabas Hospice. We are looking to raise £3 per child to help fund hospice care across Lincolnshire.

If you would like to support us please donate on this link:

Step 1. T-shirt. Step 2. Trousers. Step 3. Chaos!


Today we worked on algorithms, looking at how we get dressed! We had a really good go and realised that an algorithm has to be specific and very clear! Someone even ended up with a backwards inside out top!!

North, South, East or West?


We looked at maps today to find our school and identify some of the map symbols. Perhaps you can test our skills at home this week?

Is it an Andy Warhol or Birch Class?


We learnt how to log in and create our own art work using the laptop. It was a lot of fun and we learnt how to use the mouse, keyboard and the importance of having individual accounts.

Phonics Screening Check Information Event

A Cliffedale Street Party for the Platinum Jubilee!


We had so much fun on our Platinum Jubilee day! We all made a crown to wear, wrote letters to the Queen and then had a great big Cliffedale Street Party! We sat on benches in the playground and enjoyed some squash and a superb cake! Then we had a whole school hand jive which was amazing fun before playing garden games and an outside disco to celebrate!

Well done Cliffedale for such a super Jubilee Party!

Manthorpe Church Trip


Wow! We had so much fun walking very carefully to the church and exploring the animals and birds that could be found in the stained glass in the church. We also looked at key parts of the church and why they are important to Christians such as the font, the pews and the alter.

We can't thank the lovely people at the church for helping to organise our amazing morning out and giving some of us our very first school trip!

Well done for being so sensible Birch Class!

Arrays are all around us!


Today we explored arrays looking at some pictures of real life ones and what repeated additions and multiplication sentences they show!

Breathe in... Breathe out...


Today we learnt some new ways of calming down when we were overwhelmed or feelings strong emotions, especially anger. We had lots of fun and Miss Yeomans is very excited to see us using our new techniques if we need them!

Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of Birch Class!


Today we have all planted a bean to watch it grow! Miss Yeomans will keep them watered at school and we can watch as the roots grow and eventually as the seed becomes a plant.

We have been learning about seeds and the parts of a plant in science so this will really help us understand and we had so much fun with the soil!

Happy Easter from Birch Class!

I hope you all enjoy your holidays and that the sun is shining,

See you all in the new term,

Miss Yeomans

A day for Ukraine!


We showed Cliffedale's support for Ukraine by dressing in Yellow and Blue and learning about the conflict.



We had an amazing GLOW day and you may have seen our artwork come home!

We tried out the school's gym equipment, created natural paintbrushes and painted beautiful artwork using them and heard stories outside.

Everyone had such an amazing day but Miss Yeomans accidently deleted all of the pictures so we only have a few, sorry! We hope you can see how much fun we had from these few alone!

Year 1 and 2 PE


What fun we had outside today enjoying the sunshine and practicing our team game skills! We had a great time working together to use the parachute and work together to field in kickball.

Well done Year 1 and 2!

Put on your swimming bands, we are testing capacity and volume!


Mrs Harby took us outside into the sunshine to apply what we have been learning about capacity and volume. We carefully measured water into different containers and read the scales. Mrs Harby was very impressed with our choices and maths skills.

We are going on a material hunt!


Year 1 and 2 went for a walk around our local estate to observe all of the different materials we could and how they were being used.

It was very fun and we did lots of scientific observations.

Why not ask us what we can see next time your on a walk?

Reading is a ticket to the world and we are exploring!


What fun we had reading to our friends and class mates! We really enjoyed the stories and the chance to explore different worlds and places.

Perhaps we could tell you which is our favourite book from the literacy spine at school?

World Book Day


Miss Yeomans was very confused this morning when lots of book characters walked into school instead of Birch Class!
What an amazing day exploring our favourite books!
We thought about Julia Donaldson books (our theme in Year 1 and 2) and how we would make the Highway Rat, Zog or the Gruffalo look instead.

Then we became authors ourselves by writing our own books! Perhaps you will see them on bookshelves soon!
In the afternoon we thought about who we were dressed as today and wrote some character descriptions all about ourselves.

Thank you parents and carers for supporting World Book Day so much! The costumes and hard work you put in at home really made it such a success!

Bonus points if you can spot the teachers in the pictures below!

Is it a Warhol? A Picasso? No, its mine!


Wow! What a gallery of amazing art! We explored printmaking today and had a go using Duplo to create our own artwork.

Our work is so colourful and so were some of the tables afterwards but we had so much fun we didn't mind cleaning up.

Well done Birch Class!

NSPCC Number Day


What a number-rific day we have had!

Before break we investigated some amazing Maths based board games, had a play and worked out what made a good game.

Then after break we put everything we had learnt to good use and made our own marvelous Maths board games! They are fantastic and we look forward to playing them in the future.

In the afternoon we carried on our number theme and had a go at the whole school Numbots/TimesTables Rockstar challenge as a class. Well done Birch!

Whilst all of this was happening we also learnt about fractions, measures and ordinal numbers by following a recipe to make playdough! What a fantastic activity that was and you can see our smiling faces as we have a mix each down below.

The recipe for the playdough is also attached in case you wanted to have a go at home.

We made half a batch and shared it between four.

It's a match!

Year 2 have been busy learning all about money this term in Maths! Today we played dominos in the shared area and had so much fun we had to take some photos!

Did we get them all right?

___ + ___ = 5


Year 1 have been working very hard at our Maths! Here they are subitising 5 (learning to recognise 5 without needing to count). They were given 2 in one colour and 3 in another. How many different layouts could they create showing 2 + 3 = 5. Then they had a go with 4 + 1 = 5.
It is amazing how clever these mathematicians are!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Here are some lovely pictures of us having lots of fun and enjoying a Christmas Disco at school.
We had a special day full of Christmas fun and activities and the fake snow at the party really was amazing!

Here's wishing you all a restful break and a lovely time with your families whether you are celebrating or not.

Miss Yeomans

Shapes, Shapes and more Shapes!



We have been busy learning about shapes in Maths! Its been amazing to see all of the wonderful things we have learnt and today we had a special challenge; make shapes using the peg boards!

What a marvelous group of mathematicians.

A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam...


We watched the old nursery rhyme (you can watch it below) and talked about what our mouse would need.

We designed a structure, learnt about the axel and turbines in a windmill and then made our own working windmills fit for a mouse in clogs!

We are very good at designing and engineering in Birch Class!

How many tens? How many ones?


We have been investigating tens and ones today in Maths using our Base 10 resource.

The children have been given lots of numbers to represent and show. 
I wonder if they could finish these math's sentences themselves:

__ ones is equal to 1 ten. __ ten is equal to 10 ones.



We made some poppies today to get ready for Remembrance Day.

Well done Birch Class for being so sensible and respectful when we talked about why we celebrate Remembrance day and what the poppies mean.

Here are some of us getting our hands (and hopefully not our jumpers) dirty with the paint. We reused egg cartons to do our bit to save the earth as well.
Look out for our poppy wreath on Thursday.

Where on Earth are we?


We have been exploring lots of different maps to try and locate ourselves and identify the different continents.

We have some super geographers in Birch Class so I am sure we will never get lost!
Well done today!

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November!


We have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot in English.

Perhaps you can quiz us about what we have learnt when you have your bonfire or fireworks?

Diwali Day


Today we spent the day learning about Diwali.

In the morning we had a special visitor who helped use learn the story of Rama and Sita through a special dance.

We had loads of fun and really enjoyed the challenge.

In the afternoon we thought about why lanterns are so important in the story of Rama and Sita and also looked at the rangoli patterns before making our own.


Our young photographers are still getting used to holding the iPad and taking pictures so please accept the artistic styling of some of the photos.

What would you do if you caught a star?


We have been doing lots of English work on Laura's Star by Klaus Baumgart.

You can listen to the story by following the link below.

Today we had to think, what would you do if you got a star like Laura?

There were some super ideas!
I think Birch class might be full of authors soon!

There's something 'fishy' about this art!


We have been exploring lines in our artwork this week and we have made some amazing underwater scenes.

Here are the two we shared in celebration assembly.

Well done Birch Class!

Going Dotty! 


We have been investigating colour and and shape in our art work. 
Here we have made our own art with circles, colour and layering.

I think the children are all amazing artists! What do you think?

A recipe for success!


Wow! We have had so much fun watching a live session with Josh and Jennie from the NFU. They have taught us so much about where our food comes from and we watched as they travelled throughout the UK to collect ingredients for a Rainbow Salad. Healthy, colourful and tasty, what more could we want!
If you decide to make your own Rainbow Salad we would love to see it!

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