Cliffedale Primary School

Be the best that you can be

House Captains

All children at Cliffedale are in one of four house teams. This year the children voted to call the houses by their colour names.

The Red House

The Blue House

The Yellow House

The Green House


Children earn House Points which count towards the team total at the end of terms 2, 4 and 6 when the house with the most House Points wins the Owl Trophy. The winning house get a reward at the end of each big term and the class with the most house points get an extra playtime at the end of each term.

MERITs are awarded for really special moments and these are worth 5 House Points. Mini Merits are also awarded and are worth two house points.


There are two House Captains for each house, chosen by the staff and they have special jobs to do throughout the year including presenting our Gold certificates.