Cliffedale Primary School

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House Captains

Our House captains for 2023/24

All children at Cliffedale are in one of four house teams. In the summer term, as part of our work on British values, we gave the children the opportunity to come up with ideas for categories, and then finally names, when they deciced that they wanted to have famous authors as our houses. The children took part in several votes and decided on the following:


Dahl House (Red)

Walliams House (Blue)

Donaldson House (Yellow)

Rowling House (Green)


With the introduction of our skills tokens, children are recognised when they demonstrate any of our school values, winning the appropriate skills token which is stuck in their book as evidence. This in turn, earns them a House Points which counts towards the team total at the end of term. The updated scores are eagerly awaited each week within our Celebration Assembly... The winning house at the end of each term gets an extra playtime! At the end of the year, the house with the most House Points wins the Owl Trophy.


We have also organised a series on intra-house sports and non-sports competitions for each term in school to give further opportunities to score extra points! So far, we have run a cross-country competition, with Donaldson proving to be the overall winners in Term 1!

There are two House Captains for each house. Children were given the opportunity to work on a speech and then preent this, at first to our Y5/6 classes as there were so many wanting to run, and then finally to all of the children in their house, where the final two candidates were voted in by their peers. As well as taking the lead in sporting events, our house captains also play a pivotal role in thinking of the non-sporting events for each term. Our first one will happen in Term 2, so watch this space!

House points so far this term