Cliffedale Primary School

Be the best that you can be

Individual Subjects


Storyline Online - a catalogue of videos featuring celebrities reading children's stories


Unite for literacy- a US online library which provides free access to over 400 original picture books



CoolMath4Kids - interactive games covering the four operations (+ - x ÷) and fractions


TimesTable Rockstars + Numbots 


Pet Bingo - an app for practising the four operations, children get to earn pets and care for them






Snappy Maths - maths worksheets for quick mental arithmetic sessions, like doubles & halves, number bonds and times tables


Maths Frame - maths games for all ages


Top Marks - maths games for all ages


Maths Factor - Carol Vorderman's free online lessons 



Science Museum Group - Videos, activities and facts on lots of different science topics for all key stages


Science for Kids - A New Zealand based site with lots of science experiments and games for kids


Switch Zoo- the idea started from creating new animals by switching parts, includes lots of information about habitats, biomes, feeding animals and animal sounds  


Mystery Science -


Crest Awards – Science awards that can be completed at home



Topics (History, Geography, Art)

Virtual museum tours


National Geographic Kids - covering animals, science, history & geography, a website full of fascinating facts.


3D Geography - free paper templates for making models, plus lots of geography information and resources


Geography Games -


National Geographic Kids – Activities and quizzes




Tynker - marketed as 'coding for kids', this website is currently offering free access to its premium content - founders of the 'Hour of code' tutorials, this website offers computer science courses for students from reception through to A-level


iDEA Awards - Digital award scheme that can be completed online


Computer programming








Duolingo - a free platform for learning languages. You can learn from a computer, or download the app.


Music- Free Resources