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Pastoral Support

We are very lucky to have a pastoral care support team at Cliffeale primary school. Pastoral care support is led by Mrs Prestidge and delivered by Mrs Crossland and Mrs Banks.



An effective Pastoral Care system is essential to provide for our children as they encounter the rapid changes which are taking place in society. Children require all the skills necessary to deal with the rising pressures of media, family, education and peer pressure that they encounter in their daily lives. We believe, at Cliffedale, effective Pastoral Care should contribute to the creation of a supportive atmosphere for the whole school community.



Pastoral Care at Cliffedale, is composed of different policies, programmes and procedures which encourage each individual child to develop their full potential by catering for their spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs, in a safe and secure environment. Each child will be encouraged to develop personal, social, emotional and academic skills to prepare them for the ‘outside world’.



Mrs Crossland and Mrs Banks are trained to deliver the following programmes: Lego Therapy, social skills- KS1 and KS2

Feelings detectives, emotions-KS2

Anxiety Gremlin, mental health- KS1 and KS2 Elsa, friendship groups-any age group

Drawing and talking therapy, anything-any age group One decision, social skills- EYFS and KS1

Social skills- EYFS

Social stories- any age group

     CBT art therapy, anything – year 2 upwards

The invisible string, bereavement- any age group Solution focus, problem solving- KS2.

Forest school-starting September 2023


Referrals to the pastoral care support team can be made by the class teacher or parents at Depending on which programme a child is placed on the support can be delivered between 6-12 weeks. Children are monitored throughout the process.


The document below outlines each of the pastoral support programmes that are used in school, as well as the flowchart explaining how children are identified for each within school

We also offer Casy Counselling, this is a service we buy in to support pupils whose needs cannot be met through the programmes offered above. Again referrals for Casy counselling can be made by both the class teacher or parents at consent is required before Casy counselling can begin. Please note there is a waiting list for Casy counselling. Pastoral care support is reviewed termly and we endeavour to ensure children receive support as quickly as we can.