Cliffedale Primary School

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At Cliffedale, we hugely value your child's attendance at school and want to work closely with parents and carers to ensure that we are supporting families wherever possible.


If you ever feel that you or your child needs further support to attend school, or you would just like to discuss attendance further please contact Miss Graham who is our Attendance Champion.  


Every week, Miss Graham analyses the attendance from the week before. Following this, parents will be contacted by letter if the child's absence has reached 5 days, 8 days, 10 days and 17 days. At every step, our aim is to support and help families to improve attendance. These letters do not necessarily mean that the attendance could have been avoided but is a great time to discuss attendance further and see if any suppoort can be given. We appreciate that everyone's situations are different.

A Guide To Attendance

Cliffedale Certificates for Attendance

Attendance comparison against National Data