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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum intent

The Cliffedale Curriculum


At Cliffedale Primary School we aim to foster a love of learning which will stay with children for life. We offer an inclusive and engaging curriculum through a themed approach which is designed to motivate, inspire and challenge. Our curriculum offers plenty of opportunities for children to engage in meaningful experiences to deepen their understanding and develop their independence.


We structure our lessons to develop independence and resilience by carefully combining direct teaching, guided learning and independent tasks.


Our Early Years Curriculum provides a rich variety of experiences through planned and child-initiated activities within a nurturing environment. All children have access to high quality resources and support and are recognised as individuals with different interests and needs. Children develop independence and are well-prepared for the rest of their Cliffedale journey.


As they progress through the school, children are encouraged to further develop the culture of active learning through discussion, investigation, extension tasks and an increasingly independent attitude. Children are also taught to reflect upon advice provided through marking and feedback and to respond to it positively.


Homework forms an essential part of our working week and children are encouraged to read at home, learn their weekly spellings and complete homework tasks to the best of their ability. Tasks are always relevant to recent learning and sometimes require children to get really creative. We encourage children to seek support at home and, as a school, we value that support very highly.


Our curriculum is enriched by a range of extra-curricular activities and clubs which change at different times of the year and are tailored to suit different age groups. Activities are run by members of staff as well as a number of visiting sports coaches and peripatetic teacher. Information will be shared in the ‘School Clubs’ section of the ‘Parents’ menu as well as around school and via Parent Mail but we also encourage children to take responsibility for signing up for such events by listening carefully to notices given in school and making sure letters are taken home.


Our children work hard and are rewarded for their success. We celebrate achievements through our House Point system which recognises the effort children make in all aspects of school life. Children are encouraged to take pride in all they do and to enjoy their own success as well as that of others.


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.