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School Clubs

Clubs for Term 1 2023 - 2024

Please sign up for clubs via Parentmail. If you have missed the Parentmail please speak to an office member who will be able to help. 

Forest Club - We are so excited about our new Forest Club. the children have been learning new outdoors skills, like making fire and whittling too!

Stem Club - we've been looking at magnets as well as exploring colour!

STEM Club Week 3: Forces - this week we looked at levers and catapults. We investigated whether a longer lever might make it easier to lift something. We also made some fabulous catapults and had a competition to see whose pompom would go the furthest!

Stem Club wk 2: Static electricity - today we investigated what items we could pick up using static electricity. We even managed to make a soda can move without touching it!

STEM CLUB: The KS1 children have enjoyed their first week of STEM club. We talked about electrical circuits and even made a human circuit! We investigated whether a fluorescent bulb would light up if we placed it near a plasma ball.