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We are very excited to announce the new Cliffedale Challenge!

50 things to do before you leave Cliffedale Primary School!

We have created a list of 50 activities for you to try and complete, with your class, during your time at our school. Each activity will be logged in your challenge diary after completion. The challenges are split into four categories designed to inspire, motivate and challenge you:



Keep an eye on this page to see photographs of us, completing the challenges.

Good luck!!

Challenge No. 47 Play in the snow!

EYFS Challenge number 9 - Meet someone from the local community. Avenue Vets came to talk to us about caring for Cliffe and Dale.

EYFS Challenge number 1 - Feed and stroke an animal.

Year 1 and 2 completed Challenge 31 at Belton House. Let's go fly a kite!

EYFS have been busy going on a minibeast hunt this term. Completing yet another Cliffedale Challenge! Well done Foxes and Squirrels!

Y5/6 DM made their healthy cereal bars! They were very sticky to make but the smell throughout the school was very enticing. There might have been leftovers in the staff room at the end of the day...

Year 1 and 2 designed and made maths games and invited their parents and carers to come into school to play the games. Challenge number 6 completed!

The Foxes and Squirrels have enjoyed making jelly as part of their NSPCC Maths Day. As an extra bonus they completed one of their Cliffedale Challenges. Challenge 6: Make jelly! Great Job!

In term 3 the Foxes and Squirrels enjoyed having a visit from our local PCSO. They loved dressing up in all the different uniforms that the PCSO has to wear on a daily basis. The children were extra pleased when they realised they had completed challenge 9: Meet someone from the local community. Well done!

As part of their Cliffedale Challenge, children in Y5/6 were recently set a homework task of writing to a famous person. Chloe H, in 5/6KP, chose to wrote to one of her favourite authors, David Walliams. She was stunned and delighted to receive a letter and a signed photograph just a few weeks later. Well done, Chloe (and David)!

Challenge 18: Build a raft! Thanks to the fantastic homework models Years 3&4 have completed the challenge of building a raft to float on the River Nile! There was a variety of different rafts made, using very different materials and none of them sunk! Thank you to everyone involved in this challenge!