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What to do if you have a worry.

If you are feeling worried, unhappy or scared about something that is happening to you, please tell someone. Think of an adult you trust who makes you feel safe. They might be: your mum, dad or carer, another family member, your teacher or another adult in school or another grown up who looks after you. After you've talked to them, if you feel you still need help, don't give up! Tell another adult you trust. You will be able to get the help you need.


In school, Mrs Smith is in charge of safeguarding (making sure everyone is safe and well) and Mrs Coley and Miss Graham are her deputies.



You can use Zumos to tell an adult at school and you can also click on the link above to go to the website.





Use Zumos - information for children

Using the Zumos website will help you build self-confidence and wellbeing. There is a chill out space where you can practise being a mindful person and build up your inner strength to increase your resilience.  There is a library of expert recordings which can help you deal with any issues you might be facing to do with feelings, relationships and body. There is also a section which will help you recognise how to be your own best friend, greatest motivator, personal trainer and wisest mentor. It can help you find happiness in your life every day.



All you need to log onto Zumos and click on the worry Box – this will send your worry to a grown up at school you trust. Then if you want to, you will be able to talk about your worries and get help in finding a way to make you feel better.




Information for adults

At Cliffedale we recognise it is important to support the children’s mental health and well-being. This is especially important at this difficult time. We have introduced a project called ‘Zumos’. This is a whole school project designed to support children and to build up their resilience, work on mindfulness practice, teach children how to deal with stress and anxiety and to give them strategies on how to be happy.


This project will be available for all children (at home or at school). Zumos is a leading online wellbeing system that is CAMHS kitemarked and was developed as part of the HeadStart proje



Each child has been given a username and password. Once they have logged in from the link the children will see a home page. Here are some of the things they can use the site for-

  • Their ‘room’. This is a space where children can listen to a selection of recordings to give advice and guidance.
  • Lifebook – children can use this to record how they are feeling and reflect on their day.
  • Chill Room – children can use the mindfulness and visualisations as a relaxation tool.
  • Games – there are games to assist with positive thinking.
  • Worry box – this is a way of a pupil sending a message to the class teacher if they have any worries they would like to discuss. The teacher will check these messages daily, during school hours.

At this time, we would encourage the children to use the Worry box as a platform to share any concerns.

The link below will take you to a short video about Zumos.

Step 1
Take your child to

Step 2
Ask your child to login with the details you have been supplied with. On logging in Zumos will ask them how their mental health is today, get them to really think about how they are feeling and ask them to click on the most relevant icon.

Step 3
The first time you login to Zumos please click on ‘Games Room’ and then ‘Power Quiz’, let your child complete these CAMHS approved quizzes themselves by thinking about each question. These quizzes show what level of wellbeing your child has to start and measures the impact Zumos is having on your child’s wellbeing.

Step 4
Click on their named room e.g John’s, then in the middle screen you will see ‘How to be Happy’ click play and listen to that recording. Once played if you can spend a minute or two asking them about it, maybe how they could apply it in their life or in the family. Maybe tell them about how you have done it in your life.


Step 5
Back on the home screen, please click on ‘Chill Room’
This step is to practice mindfulness and is a great practice for the whole family. The more you practice the greater the benefits. Even just a few minutes a day will show benefits. Settle everyone down either sitting comfortably in a chair or lying on the floor, then simply click on the length of ‘Me Time Minutes’ you want. The recording will do the rest. There is much to explore in this room, have fun. It takes 21 days to form a habit, with 12 weeks at least ahead of us this is a great habit to form.

Step 6
Click on Life book, this is once again something that can be done as a family or alone. Filling in the questions asked, helps to send their mind on a search for the positive. You can really help them to focus on the positive here.

Step 7
Click on the games room and ask them to play the games.

Step 8

Click on the worry box to familiarise yourself with this. If your child has a worry, encourage them to write it her and it will be sent to the class teacher.