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Welcome to the home page of the Foxes and Squirrels. We are looking forward to sharing some of our learning with you! 

PE will be on a Friday morning - we ask that long hair is tied back, and earrings are removed. 

Meet the EYFS team

Mrs Syed is our EYFS lead. Mrs Syed registers the Squirrels and Miss Flynn/Mrs Leeks registers the Squirrels. 

Mrs Towsey, Mrs Down and Mrs Lamyman are our teaching assistant team working with the Foxes and Squirrels.



Week Beginning: 7/10/19

This week, our Foxes and Squirrels had a visit from a few members of the local community - not 1, but 3 vets! We were so excited as we had been talking about what animals need in order to be safe, healthy and happy, so we were very eager to share our knowledge with our visitors! First, we enjoyed a bit of talking time, talking about what pets we had at home. We then shared our knowledge about looking after pets with the vets, and all three of them were very impressed! It was then Dale’s turn! Each of the vets checked Dale over; they checked his heart using a stethoscope, they checked his teeth, and he even had his nails clipped! Overall, the vets said that we were looking after Dale brilliantly! The Foxes and Squirrels were then given a bit of a challenge! The vets had brought along a little friend, a Siamese cat, who had a microchip; the children had to use a special scanner to find the microchip so that the cat could be reunited with it’s owner! Luckily, the children were very good at this, and the cat was returned to it’s owner! It was fantastic to see our Foxes and Squirrels showing members of the community how super we are at Cliffedale, well done!

PS. The Siamese cat was not real, please don’t worry!

Week Beginning: 30/9/19

We have had another super week in EYFS! The children are really settling into school routines and we are really seeing their love of learning shining through. The Foxes and Squirrels are really getting to grips with the classroom and we are seeing some super independent learning! It has been lovely to see and hear about so many of the children practicing some new skills at home, too. This week, the children have particularly enjoyed exploring our Home Corner, which is always a popular area of the classroom!  

Week Beginning: 23/9/19

There has been some super learning going on in EYFS, this week! We have been busy learning about repeating patterns; many of the children have been developing their own repeating patterns, using the resources in the classrooms, and at home! The team have been incredibly impressed with the children's love of learning, which we have particularly seen within their Phonics. We enjoyed practicing our letter formation on large rolls of paper, and lots of the children have been choosing to practice their letters, which is fantastic! The Foxes and Squirrels also enjoyed some time playing with the parachute as part of PE this week. All of the hard work that the children have been putting into their art work recently has really paid off! Our 'I Love Animals' and 'EYFS gallery' displays are looking amazing! Well done on a fantastic week, Foxes and Squirrels!

Week Beginning: 16/9/19

We have a had a busy week, this week, in EYFS! The Foxes and Squirrels have attended various assemblies, over the week; including our whole school Celebration Assembly! Mrs Smith and the other adults commented on their super listening skills and how well the Foxes and Squirrels have settled in. Our learning has been in full swing - the Foxes and Squirrels having been learning new sounds in Phonics; listening for initial sounds in words; practicing their letter formation; as well as talking about and comparing the size of different animals. We have also had our first PE lesson and the adults were very impressed with how the children were able to change and get dressed, showing lots of independence! We had fun going to the hall and playing some listening and movement games. Dale has definitely been enjoying having lots of children in the classroom! He has had lots of lovely cuddles from our Foxes and Squirrels (and Mrs Towsey!), this week! 

Week Beginning 9.9.19 

Our Foxes and Squirrels are really settling in to life at Cliffedale! They are super additions to the Cliffedale Family, and the adults are feeling very lucky to have such a wonderful group of children! 


Below are 4 documents full of tips to help you to support your child's learning at home:

Useful Websites to Support Learning:

Phonics Play - There is a free selection of Phonics games that we use in school to reinforce our learning in Phonics. Jolly Phonics songs are also a fabulous way of helping your child to remember the phonemes that we are learn. You can find them on YouTube.


Top Marks - There is a free selection of Maths games that we use in school to reinforce our learning in Maths. You can find a number of fun counting, ordering, matching, adding and taking away games on this website.


Cbeebies - There are a number of games, videos and stories available to support our Topic learning on the Cbeebies website. You can often find some of our weekly stories being read by famous people on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories.

Dale is our EYFS guinea pig! He loves cuddles and is a super listener - he particularly enjoys listening to children read!

Dale is our EYFS guinea pig! He loves cuddles and is a super listener - he particularly enjoys listening to children read!  1
Dale is our EYFS guinea pig! He loves cuddles and is a super listener - he particularly enjoys listening to children read!  2

Obb and Bob are our EYFS fish!

Obb and Bob are our EYFS fish! 1


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