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Cliffedale Children's Council

Children’s Council for 2020-21


Congratulations to the children who have been elected by their class peers and are now members of our new Children’s Council for this school year.


Two children are elected from each class for Y1-6 and two extra Y6 children are elected to support the Foxes and Squirrels. (This year as circumstances have meant that the children elected last year did not have very long in their post, some of our councillors have remained in place in their new Year group).


1/2PB   Iris  and Marley-Belle 

1/2LM   Oscar  and Penelope

1/2LF    Alice  and Ruby 

3/4VM   Charlie, Edie and Ivy 

3/4KP    Ellis   

3/4AY    Emily  and Jazmine

5/6JM    Owen 

5/6DM  Grace, Emily, William

5/6RC   Molly

Y6 for EYFS  Thomas and Courteney