Cliffedale Primary School

Be the best that you can be

Class 3/4 KP

Sponsored Walk

Celebrating our differences, and the lovely weather, with chalk artwork.

Images from our problem solving tasks with the Army

Today we had lots of fun exploring different areas of maths.  We did some outdoor artwork in a shape investigation, made futuristic space bases using nets of 3D shapes, replanned the classroom layout and finally taught each other card games.  

NSPCC Maths Day

We have had lots of fun so far this STEM week, doing lots of practical activities to explore a range of scientific and design concepts.  Later this week, we will be having our Maths day as well.

Designing robobugs for different jobs, including construction, search and rescue and exploration.

Our plastics investigation

Making bug hotels from recycled materials on our DT day.

Celebrating St George’s Day

We had a lot of fun learning about the myth of St George and the Dragon.

We listened carefully to the story and spent some mindfulness time connecting with others and retelling the story!

Term 5 and 6 Overview

Measuring mass

We made Easter cards to send to a local nursing home.

Maths work in the sun!

Hello Year 3/4!

It seems that it has been such a long time since we were all in school together and we've been missing you all a lot.  To get ready for your return to school next week, please make sure that you do the Maths and English lessons over the next few days as this will help you with your lessons next week. 

Just a couple of reminders - you will need to bring your reading bag and reading book in on Monday as you will be changing your books on the first day back.  The PE days will be going back to normal - indoor PE on Tuesday for 3/4VM and 3/4KP and on Friday for 3/4AY.  Outdoor PE sessions for all 3 classes is on Wednesday as before.  Remember that you come into school on those days in your PE kits. As the weather is still a little chilly, you can come in wearing your joggers on your Indoor PE days.

Finally, make sure you get back into your routine for bedtimes etc as we will all be very busy next week!

Year 3/4 team

Multiplication Tables Check - Parent Information (voice recorded)

Hello everyone and welcome back to school!  We are all learning together how to manage some of the changes in the classroom routines and are having a lovely time making things to decorate our classroom.  


Just a note about PE lessons - our indoor lesson will take place on Tuesdays and our outdoor on Wednesdays.  As you already know, children will need to come into school wearing the appropriate PE kit and footwear on those days.  If the weather is a little chilly on a Tuesday, children can come into school in their jogging bottoms.


Kind regards


Mrs Peacock

Our collaborative art focused on the work of Wassily Kandinsky. He would be proud of our efforts!

Exploring board games before making our own

A Guide for Parents - How to support home learning

Below are some useful documents for you to see what your child in Year 3 or Year 4 is working towards by the end of the year. There are also some ideas for ways in which you can support at home.