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Class 3/4 AY

Investigating Shadows!

We planned our experiment over the last few weeks and today, we carried it out! 
It was very warm but we had lots of fun researching how to make shadows larger and smaller! Well done 3/4AY!

Discovering the Tudors!

Inspired by John Lyons - Wow Ethan!

We have written some exciting English today about Aladdin and Jasmine! Here is our class attempt before we did our own!

NSPCC Maths Day!

How should we lay out our classroom?

We used our new measuring skills and understanding of geometry and area to redesign our classroom. We discovered it’s actually quite hard work!

We played with nets, 3D shapes and even made some that are SO big we could sit in them!

Mosaic tiles! We played a tricky game that needed problem solving and thinking ahead!

Seriously super science day!

We practiced lots of research skills and thought about how best to check facts we read online and in books.

We also made our own bugbots, get ready to see our inventions saving lives in emergencies, exploring unknown territories and even helping people travelling around the world. To do this we thought about the strengths of different insects and how we could incorporate this into our designs!


We even investigated different types of plastic and whether or not we can recycle them! We had to use the float/sink test and the snap test.


Well done 3/4AY!

What a super day! 
We started off talking about geometric shapes and looking at different forms of art. We created our own mandalas and thought about how it links to maths.

The, we became hoteliers and create our own bug bed and breakfasts. We have hidden them around school, I wonder if you can work out where they are?
Finally, we made natural paintbrushes and had a go at using them to create a class artwork.

Map Reading in Geography!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

We had a go at finding map references, using a key and even had a go at a quick quiz against Miss Yeomans!

We won, obviously!


We had a lot of fun learning about the myth of St George and the Dragon.

We listened carefully to the story and spent some mindfulness time connecting with others and retelling the story!

A mathematical water fight in the sun (or investigating capacity)!

Five ways to wellbeing!

We have been thinking about our mental well being and how to look after it. We have connected with Malik in Ethiopia in our PSHE lesson, considering what life must be like when you live 4 miles from clean water.

We have been active in PE and even in some of our maths lessons! We have even managed to catch some sunshine outside during our learning!

Term 5 and 6 Overview

Are you quicker than Miss Yeomans?

Easter Holidays!

Have a lovely holiday 3/4AY!
You have worked SUPER hard and me and Miss Tupper are so impressed!

Relax, read and have eggcelent Easter (I wonder if any of you can remember what that persuasive feature is?)

Stay safe,

Miss Yeomans

No boring maths here!

April Fools Day!

Bird Watching! 24th March 2021

We had lots of fun watching the birds outside our classroom this morning! We had to sit very still and be very quiet so the birds wouldn't be frightened away.

We have seen sparrows and wrens.

I wonder what other species of birds we can see on the school grounds over the next few weeks.

Hello Year 3/4!

It seems that it has been such a long time since we were all in school together and we've been missing you all a lot.  To get ready for your return to school next week, please make sure that you do the Maths and English lessons over the next few days as this will help you with your lessons next week. 

Just a couple of reminders - you will need to bring your reading bag and reading book in on Monday as you will be changing your books on the first day back.  The PE days will be going back to normal - indoor PE on Tuesday for 3/4VM and 3/4KP and on Friday for 3/4AY.  Outdoor PE sessions for all 3 classes is on Wednesday as before.  Remember that you come into school on those days in your PE kits. As the weather is still a little chilly, you can come in wearing your joggers on your Indoor PE days.

Finally, make sure you get back into your routine for bedtimes etc as we will all be very busy next week!

Year 3/4 team

UK Parliament Week!

We have been considering what makes up our parliament and how it works to create and check new laws.

We have also thought about how we can be involved in shaping our country and have written some very persuasive letters to our MP Gareth Davies!

Well done 3/4AY! You all showed some great interest and were very passionate when it came to knocking down Belmont Tower!

Fabulous John Nieto Artwork!

Finding some inner calm in 3/4AY

Multiplication Tables Check - Parent Information (voice recorded)

Term 1 Overview

Come and see where we learn!

Still image for this video
Miss Yeomans shows you around our classroom!

Welcome back 3/4AY!

It has been such a lovely few days having you all back in the classroom and seeing so many smiley faces and new skills you have learnt!

Out class has a few superb helpers such as Miss Heaney and Mrs Tindale that help us learn and do all sorts of exciting things!

We will have outdoor PE on a Wednesday and indoor PE on a Friday so please come dressed in your PE kits on those days! If it is a little chilly on Fridays chinldren can come to school in their joggers on top of their indoor PE shorts to keep warm.

If you any questions or comments, please contact the school office at or over the phone and I will respond as soon as possible!

See you all on Monday for our first full week,

Miss Yeomans

A Guide for Parents - How to support home learning

Below are some useful documents for you to see what your child in Year 3 or Year 4 is working towards by the end of the year. There are also some ideas for ways in which you can support at home.