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Year 6 Residential trip to Malham


Yesterday, we went to the National Coal Mining Museum. We had an exclusive tour around the coal mines where we learnt about interesting facts about the life of miners over the generations. Jake said that his favourite part was having a go at being the Manger of the mines. Some children said they were a bit anxious about going into the mine and small spaces at first, but everyone ended up having a great time and really thanked the tour guides. A few people talked about what they enjoyed most: Nia enjoyed the simulation of the dynamite exploding to explain how they collected coal.


Day 2 of the Lovely Weather


We woke to sunny blue skies and a wonderful breakfast. In fact, some children went for seconds. As soon as we were ready, we left  for the top of Malham cove. It was a steep climb; many people took the challenge of counting the number of steps but most lost track. After this, we carefully made our way across the limestone pavement. We all had a rest near to the wildlife shading under the trees. Cameron said  that it was very tricky to travel across the limestone pavement, especially the loose rocks. After a challenging walk, we rested in the shade and had our lunch. Then we went to Gordale Scar. Sitara said it was tiring but worth it to see the amazing sights. We took lots of photographs, ate lots of ice-cream, and Mr. Pirie said it was an amazing day!


By Rishab, Noah and Jake


Ben Smith, marathon runner and friend of Cliffedale, came to talk about his new challenge. He is going to run from San Francisco to New York in 38 days which left us feeling quite stunned. Ben will visit us again next year to share his plans and he will complete the run the following year. The children have given him some advice about what he might need to take with him - he thought a net to catch any bears was a really good idea!

Foodbank sent us a certificate to thank us for our donations - we collected 186Kg of food!

Foodbank sent us a certificate to thank us for our donations - we collected 186Kg of food!  1

Harvest Celebration during Friday assembly - 13th October, 2017. So many donations for Grantham Foodbank - thank you so much.

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