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Welcome to the home page of the Foxes and Squirrels. We are looking forward to sharing some of our learning with you.

Meet the EYFS team

Mrs Smith and Mrs Syed are our Co-EYFS leads. Mrs Syed registers the Foxes and Mrs Fender registers the Squirrels. Mrs Smith will be joining us on a Thursday afternoon as well as Fridays.

Mrs Towsey, Mrs Down and Mrs Lamyman are our teaching assistant team working with the Foxes and Squirrels.



Term 5 Overview: 'Minibeast Magic!'

Phonics Information Session 2018-19

Below are 4 documents full of tips to help you to support your child's learning at home:

Useful Websites to Support Learning:

Phonics Play - There is a free selection of Phonics games that we use in school to reinforce our learning in Phonics. Jolly Phonics songs are also a fabulous way of helping your child to remember the phonemes that we are learn. You can find them on YouTube.


Top Marks - There is a free selection of Maths games that we use in school to reinforce our learning in Maths. You can find a number of fun counting, ordering, matching, adding and taking away games on this website.


Cbeebies - There are a number of games, videos and stories available to support our Topic learning on the Cbeebies website. You can often find some of our weekly stories being read by famous people on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories.

Celebration Assembly - May

This week, it was our turn to share and celebrate our learning with the whole school, during our Celebration Assembly. This time, we wanted to share everything we had learnt during our trip to Little Jack's Farm. The children who spoke were very brave, as they talked about what we did on our trip; they were little superstars and, some, were definitely meant to be on stage! I think the rest of the school enjoyed watching a video of us racing the emus the most! All of our Foxes and Squirrels gave the whole school our own rendition of 'Little Jack had a farm' to finish. Well done Foxes and Squirrels, you confidently shared our super learning! 

Minibeast Magic!

Minibeast Magic! 1
Minibeast Magic! 2
Minibeast Magic! 3

This term, the Foxes and Squirrels have loved learning about minibeasts! We have learnt that minibeasts are small creatures with no backbone, and we can name and talk about lots of different minibeasts. We have also done lots of work on minibeast habitats, which culminated in us making bug hotels this week! We are hoping to have some guests very soon. The EYFS team were also very impressed with the Foxes and Squirrels' delicate work turning stones into ladybirds! Next week, we will be using what we have learnt about minibeast habitats to find minibeasts on our minibeast hunts! 

Today, the Foxes and Squirrels ventured off to Little Jack's Farm! They were absolute superstars from start to finish, despite the constant rain! First, we enjoyed an exciting ride on a double decker bus! We all had a chance to go on the top deck and look out as we travelled from school to the farm, and back. When we arrived, we were very kindly treated to some snack and a drink by the super staff at Little Jack's Farm. Once we were suitably refreshed, we started our exciting activities. While at the farm, we saw lots of animals; including goats, sheep and their lambs, pigs, horses, donkeys, chickens, cows and their calves, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and emus! We also had the opportunity to feed some of the animals, which the children were very good at and thoroughly enjoyed. We even had a race with some emus that were very fast but, the Foxes and Squirrels were, indeed, faster! During our trip, the Foxes and Squirrels also each planted a sunflower. The staff at Little Jack's Farm were very impressed with our knowledge of plants and what they need to grow. We stopped for some lunch, which the Foxes and Squirrels thoroughly enjoyed; it was lovely to see them having a chat with their friends, while they ate. Finally, we enjoyed some time in the indoor soft play areas. Again, the Foxes and Squirrels impressed the adults with their care around the other children, some of whom were quite little. The EYFS team, supporting staff, and volunteers were extremely proud of our Foxes and Squirrels. They were very grown up and represented the Cliffedale Family with pride. Well done, Foxes and Squirrels; we hope you enjoyed your first school trip!

This week, the Foxes and Squirrels enjoyed their second GLOW day. We had a fun-filled day, taking our learning outdoors and wearing our wellies! We also ticked off a few Cliffedale Challenges! First, we enjoyed blowing and catching bubbles! The laughter that could be heard as the children tried to catch the bubbles on a particularly windy day was heart-warming. We then had a pit-stop in which we enjoyed some hot chocolate and biscuits, while having a chat with friends. After that, we had fun waving the parachute and playing some games; the Foxes and Squirrels particularly enjoyed running from one side of the parachute to the other, before the parachute came down! In the afternoon, we set off in search of our very own ‘Stick People’, inspired by Julia Donaldson’s, ‘Stick Man’. The results were fantastic! Our Foxes and Squirrels had a fantastic day outdoors, during which they developed their social and physical skills. We are very much looking forward to our next GLOW day!

Chicks at Cliffedale!

This term, we have had some rather cute and fluffy house guests! First, we had some eggs delivered to us. We had to make sure that our eggs had the warmth that they needed to hatch; we learnt about the importance of the incubator, and that it does the job of the hen sitting on the top of the nest. Soon, we noticed some cracks appearing; then little ‘cheep cheeps’ could be heard! We had 6 healthy, happy chicks! The Foxes and Squirrels (and the rest of the school, children and adults alike!) have thoroughly enjoyed observing our chicks hatch and grow. They have been very considerate to their needs, sitting quietly by their cage. We have learnt a lot about the lifecycle of a chicken and our learning really has come to life, right before our very eyes!

World Book Day

The children have had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day today. The Foxes and Squirrels looked absolutely fantastic dressed as characters from their favourite stories! We had Mary Poppins, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, some smashing superheroes and some perfect princesses, to name but a few. We were very lucky to enjoy a performance from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company whose production was about fairy tales, but not as we know them! The children thoroughly enjoyed their performance and they listened very carefully throughout. We have also enjoyed reading some of the stories that the children very kindly brought in for us to share. It was fantastic to see the Foxes and Squirrels sharing their love of books and reading!

Book Bus

Today, the children spotted something different about our school playground...there was a big, red bus parked in it! We had a visit from the Book Bus! The children were very excited to climb aboard and have a look at all the different books. Some of the children even had some pennies to spend and it’s safe to say we had some satisfied customers who absolutely loved their new books. It was great to see the Foxes and Squirrels so excited about books!

Picnic with an Astronaut!

To celebrate our fantastic learning about space, this term, today we enjoyed a 'Picnic with an Astronaut'. In preparation, the Foxes and Squirrels had been incredibly busy baking moon rock cakes, making alien jelly and creating alien spaceships! The adults were so impressed with the children's language as they were talking about ingredients and the processes involved in cooking. We particularly loved their use of the word, 'dissolve', as they watched the jelly cubes disappear into the water! Truthfully, the Foxes and Squirrels were lucky that they had any moon rock cakes left, as there were some school adults that were very tempted to enjoy some in the staff room because they cakes smelled and looked so good!

Thanks to all their hard work, we had lots of yummy food to taste at our picnic. Just as we were talking about to begin our picnic, a special message came through to Mrs Syed's computer; it was from the astronaut, Tim Peake! He was up in space, aboard the International Space Station, and he read us a story - all the way from space! After this, the Foxes and Squirrels settled down around the table to enjoy the moon rock cakes and alien jelly that they had been busy making yesterday! The children thoroughly enjoyed having a chat with their friends as they enjoyed tasting all the yummy food that they'd made.

The adults are so proud of all that the Foxes and Squirrels have achieved this term, and we cannot wait to see what they achieve in the coming terms! 

Our First Celebration Assembly

This morning, in our first Celebration Assembly, the Foxes and Squirrels showed and talked about their work during our Topic this term, ‘Zoom to the Moon’. They were all very brave, standing in front of the whole school to talk about the rockets and space pictures they had made, their work packing a suitcase to go to the Moon, and their knowledge of planets. At the end, we all joined in to sing one of our favourite songs from this term, ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon’. Well done, Foxes and Squirrels, we are so proud of you!

A Visit from a Racing Car Driver!

Today, the Foxes and Squirrels were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Allen, who very kindly brought along his super racing car and lorry for us to have a look at! Mr Allen told us all about his racing car and about his work as a Mechanic; he also told us that he has won 100 races! The children really impressed Mr Allen with their knowledge of the different parts of a car and how a car works. What a treat for our Foxes and Squirrels!

Christmas Performance

We are so proud of our Fantastic Foxes and Super Squirrels! They were all absolutely fabulous in our Christmas performance; they sang beautifully, joined in with all of the actions and said their words very clearly! Not to mention, they all looked amazing! We really hope you enjoyed our Christmas performance as much as we enjoyed performing it. Well done, Foxes and Squirrels

A Visit from a Vet

This week, the Foxes and Squirrels had a visit from Claire, a local vet. The children told Claire all about how to care for animals; she was very impressed! Claire reassured us that we were doing everything right when caring for Dale, our EYFS guinea pig. Claire also gave Dale a check-up; she checked his eyes, teeth and nails. After giving his nails a quick trim, Claire was happy that Dale was in good health! Claire was also joined by a furry friend, Rufus, a lurcher. He was so gentle and placid; the children thoroughly enjoyed stroking him gently and Rufus definitely enjoyed all the love and attention that he received from our lovely Foxes and Squirrels!

Come and See Where We Work

The Foxes and Squirrels had lots of fun showing their special adults around the EYFS classrooms. It was lovely to see the children light up when telling their adults about what happens in each area and pointing to pieces of their work!

Our EYFS Classrooms

Our EYFS Classrooms  1
Our EYFS Classrooms  2


P.E 1
P.E 2

P.E will be taking place on a Friday morning. P.E kits need to be in school and earrings need to be removed.

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The EYFS team

Dale is our EYFS guinea pig! He loves cuddles and is a super listener - he particularly enjoys listening to children read!

Dale is our EYFS guinea pig! He loves cuddles and is a super listener - he particularly enjoys listening to children read!  1
Dale is our EYFS guinea pig! He loves cuddles and is a super listener - he particularly enjoys listening to children read!  2

Obb and Bob are our EYFS fish!

Obb and Bob are our EYFS fish! 1


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