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Cliffedale Children's Council

Children’s Council for 2017 - 2018


Congratulations to the children who have been elected by their class peers and are now members of our new Children’s Council for this school year.

Two children are elected from each class for Y1-6 and two extra Y6 children are elected to support the Foxes and Squirrels.


1/2PB       Jake and George

1/2LM       Franklyn and Grace

1/2SF        William and Abigail

3/4RC        Alexis and Sophia

3/4VM        Samuel and Brooke

3/4DJ         Louis and Phoebe

5/6JM        Oliver and Tahnie

5/6DM        Jasmine and Kitti

5/6KP         Vidhu and Nishi

Y6 for EYFS Cameron and Alicja

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