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Cliffedale Children's Council

Two of our Children's Council members, assisted by Mrs Drayton sent their first ParentMail.

Children’s Council Sweatshirt Presentation

Last Friday we held a special assembly to present our new Children’s Council with their special sweatshirts. Our sweatshirts were very kindly donated by Grantham Clothing. Our Children’s Council met and requested that Mrs Bryan join us to present the sweatshirts, assisted by Mr Pirie. The children looked very smart in their new sweatshirts and are clearly identifiable. They have already held their first meeting of the year and are taking their new role very seriously.


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Children’s Council for 2018-19


Congratulations to the children who have been elected by their class peers and are now members of our new Children’s Council for this school year.

Two children are elected from each class for Y1-6 and two extra Y6 children are elected to support the Foxes and Squirrels.


1/2PB      Ivy and Amber

1/2LM     Sophia and Owen 

1/2SF      Florence  and Xavi  

3/4RC      Lenny  and Charlie 

3/4AY      Casey  and Thara 

3/4RM     William and Molly   

5/6JM      Carter  and Maisy 

5/6DM     Beck and Shaniya

5/6KP      Ashley  and Arshini  

Y6 for EYFS  Khadeeja and Jessica 

5 9 9 9 4