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Well, here we are at the end of a very busy year!  Well done to everyone for all your hard work and I hope you have an enjoyable and restful holiday.  Thank you so much for all the lovely cards and gifts, although it looks as though the diet will have to start next week now!smiley

I look forward to seeing all the new Year 5s and 6s in September and would like to wish all the current Year 6s the very best for their secondary school careers.  I know you can all achieve wonderful things in the future and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

With love,

Mrs Peacock

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Year 5s (and a few guest Year 6s) visited The Collection in Lincoln to find out about life in Ancient Greece.  We took part in a re-enactment of the Persian wars, acted in the role of archaeologists by digging up artefacts and writing reports about them and also explored how the Ancient Greeks prepared for parties. 

Memories of our trip to The Collection in Lincoln

Yesterday afternoon, we had a visit from Miss Volley, an art teacher at Walton Girls'.  We learned new techniques for painting, including sgraffito, dragging and splashing.  These were all put to good effect in our paintings of a storm at sea, in the style of JMW Turner.  We all had a wonderful experience and got thoroughly covered in oil crayon and paint!

Some of our memories and artwork from the 'Storm' art lesson...

This afternoon, we had a visit from Mr Davidson, a science teacher from the Priory Ruskin Academy.  He brought with him some microscopes so that the children could look at the cells of onions magnified 400 times.  Everyone was amazed at how clearly we could see; in some cases, we could even spot the nuclei of the cells.  Despite the heat, and the distinct aroma of raw onions, we had a marvellous time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A taster of secondary science!

Over the last couple of days, we have been working on our ability to collect data, present it in different forms and then interpret the 'story' it is telling us.  Year 5s used MS Excel to present data about how children at Cliffedale travel to school.  They created a bar chart and then analysed it, giving reasons as to why different age groups tended to travel in different ways.


Year 6s were investigating correlation between children's heights and hand spans.  They presented the data in scatter graph form, finding the line of best fit and using anomalous results to improve their recording.

Maths work on statistics and data handlng.

While most of the Year 6s were away in Malham, the rest of the three Year 5/6 classes had a focused 'Greek Week'.  We worked in teams to design a theme park with an Ancient Greek twist.  We used our knowledge of area and perimeter to squeeze in all of our attractions.  We used our problem-solving skills to spend our budget of £250,000 on a wide range of costumed characters.  We also designed a menu to suit visitors with different tastes and needs.  Later on, we applied our persuasive writing skills to write leaflets, radio and TV advertisements for our website.  We then created a powerpoint which showcased all of our fantastic ideas.  In the afternoons, we worked on art and design projects, creating mosaics and other Ancient Greek 'artefacts'.  Finally, in the spirit of democracy (the Athenians would have been delighted!), we shared our designs and voted on the ones which we found most appealing. All the children had a wonderful time and showed huge amounts of creativity and team spirit.  Well done, everyone!

Some memories of our Ancient Greek theme park week

Testing to see which materials are soluble...

We designed a trading game based on the daily lives of the Maya and made counters out of clay decorated with symbols.

Sketching leaves from the local environment.

Some of the activities from our NSPCC Maths Day

Our e-safety class assembly explored the issues of gaming safely online. Some budding Oscar-winners of the future!!

Our e-safety class assembly explored the issues of gaming safely online.  Some budding Oscar-winners of the future!! 1

Creating Maya 'glyphs' to add to our version of the Copan stairway.

Walton Girls' School - Children from Walton visited to share their experiences of transferring to secondary school. Year 5/6 participating in group discussions and role play.

Wow!  We clearly have some budding architects in the class!  The children made excellent use of research to find out how to make a building less likely to collapse in the event of an earthquake. Their creations were extremely impressive and we all enjoyed hearing about their design features.  Well done to everyone at home who lent a helping hand - I hope you enjoyed the holiday homework as well.

Earthquake-resistant buildings

In our Maths investigation today, children had to work out how to get the largest fraction of money.  They had 3 choices - £100, £200 or £300.  The key was to calculate the size of the fraction and how much this would be.  The problem was that the fraction changed each time another child sat down!

Maths investigation - finding fractions of money

The movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon role play activity

The movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon role play activity 1



PE lessons are on Wednesday afternoons and Games lessons on Friday afternoons.


Spelling tests are carried out on Thursdays every week, while the times tables test is usually once a week on Wednesdays.


Homework is usually given out on Fridays, for return the following Wednesday.

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