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Class 3/4 RC

Oakham Castle- we enjoyed a very exciting visit to Oakham castle linked to our topic on ‘Invaders and Settlers.’ We had a very busy day with the children completing a variety of activities based on life as a Viking and Anglo-Saxon in Britain. We looked at maps to discuss where would have been the best place to settle and the advantages and disadvantages of the area. The children also had a turn in court and had to trial some individuals for their crimes. We learnt about the ways in which the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons would punish people and the jury had to make a decision in a trial by oath. Some children were very convincing and persuasive and were found innocent when actually they had been guilty! In the afternoon, children found out about the toys that Viking children would have played with and we learnt about how the Vikings used stone and wattle and daub to build with. To finish the day, we re-enacted a Viking battle line which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The staff at Oakham castle commented on how well behaved, knowledgeable and enthusiastic our children had been.

LORIC- children in Years 3&4 took part in an exciting event in which students from Walton Academy came into school to work with us. The children carried out a variety of activities with the ambassadors based around LORIC: Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. At the end of the session children presented their work to other groups and shared what they had learnt. There was also a presentation evening held at Walton to allow the children to share what they had done with their parents.

We were very excited on Monday morning to complete many of the Cliffedale Challenges and the children showed real determination throughout the day. One challenge we completed was learning a circus skill. The children were juggling, spinning plates, balancing and hula hooping. We also created some outdoor artwork which you might have seen on the playground, this took a lot of perseverance! Another activity was playing Beetle Drive which we really enjoyed. There was also a trail around the playground and field which involved reading a map and using mathematical skills to answer the questions. Then we finished off the day by reading to someone in another class, completing our sixth challenge of the day.

An exciting update! This term Years 3 and 4 have an exciting new topic: Invaders and Settlers. I’m sure the children will tell you more about this as the term goes on. Please see the below document for information about the topic and what we will be learning. We have also changed when homework is handed out and in, it will be given on Thursdays and returned on a Wednesday, spelling tests will remain on a Wednesday. The children in 3/4RC have one more swimming lesson after the Easter holiday and then we will be doing indoor PE on a Wednesday morning and outdoor on Friday and will therefore need both an indoor and outdoor kit in school throughout the week. Thank you. Miss Coley

Below are some useful documents for you to see what your child in Year 3 or Year 4 is working towards by the end of the year. There are also some ideas for ways in which you can support at home.

We carried out an experiment to see how shadows change in size

Some of our fantastic Gargoyles from the Notre Dame

We made 3D maps of France looking at the human and geographical features of the country

The fantastic rafts made for homework all passed the Cliffedale Challenge and managed to float!

Welcome to Year 3/4 RC with Miss Coley and Miss Walsh!


We look forward to sharing some of our learning with you on this webpage.

We will be doing PE on Wednesday and Games on Fridays, so please make sure you have your kit in school on those days.

Spelling tests are on Wednesday and homework will be given out on this day also. We ask that the homework is then returned on a Monday please for us to look at together.  

Any questions or worries about your child please write a note in the children's home school contact book or book an appointment at the office to see us.


Thank You,

Miss Coley and Miss Walsh

Year 3/4 Planning documents

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