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Spellings for the 24th November


Mr Brown                                                  Mrs Harby                                       

cheep,                             tag,

cheep,                             not,

poach,                            cap,

might,                             kit,

her,         ,                       at,  

you                                and,











Something Fishy. 


We watched the short film 'Something Fishy'.

We then used the story for our topic work on materials, our descriptive writing in English and our art.


Trouser Shark

Something Fishy Display

How do you build a junk model scarecrow?

See the PowerPoint from our assembly.

Working together to build our scarecrow.

Designing our scarecrows. Working together as a group.

We have PE on

a Monday and a Friday.

Information evening powerpoint

Welcome to 1/2 PB


Year 1/2 Information Evening.

Tuesday 12th September


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