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Celebration Assemblies


Year 3/4 shared their work with the rest of the school today.  Mrs Marshall's class proudly showed their homework task of creating a Bronze Age or Iron Age Artefact. They explained how they created them and what they were used for.  Mr Jones' class shared their fantastic letter writing. Having explored a range of Julia Donaldson's books and having enjoyed reading these within the class, they wrote letters asking her about her work.  Miss Coley's class were excited to share what happened across year 3/4 on Wednesday. They told the whole school all about the Cliffedale PE Kit thief who had taken some PE kits and PE clothes leaving behind notes. Finally, we celebrated the achievements of those people who been awarded merits in the past few days.  Well done, everyone!



Year 3/4 Sharing Assembly

Friday 24th November


Year 5/6 shared their work with the rest of the school today.  Some children showed their Victorian carousels, one of which was a working model complete with an electrical circuit and a pulley.  Mr Murphy's class talked about their work with construction kits which developed their understanding of cams, gears and pulleys.  Mrs Peacock's class shared some of their Big Writing.  This focused on writing tourist guide scripts for Ghastly-Gorm Hall.  In addition, the winners of the Great Cliffedale Leaf Dash were announced.  The House Captains had 10 minutes to dash around the playground, collecting as many leaves as possible in ten minutes.  The winners were Northcliffe House with 6 huge bin bags of leaves. Finally, we celebrated the achievements of those people who been awarded merits in the past few days.  Well done, everyone!


We also had a special visitor in Assembly today - Mr Roger Graves of the Grantham Rotary Club.  He came to present a certificate to celebrate the amazing achievement of the school in raising £230 for hurricane relief.  It was presented to Jessica from Year 5 whose idea it was to hold a cake sale.

Our Year 5/6 celebration assembly

Friday 17th November.

It was the turn of Years 1 and 2 to present in assembly. We shared our journey looking at 'Little Bear's Trousers' by Jane Hissey. 

We explained how we had listened to the story, how we verbally ordered it, acted it out, considered the beginning, middle and end  and finally wrote our own versions. 

Following our presentation the school celebrated the merits from this week and the achievements of the football team. 

assembly presentation slides

Friday 3rd November: In our sharing assembly today, Years 3&4 shared their exciting Science Fair that was put on for parents just before the half term holiday. We heard about the event, saw pictures, watched some videos of children explaining states of matter and saw a live gases experiment! We also celebrated the MERITS from this week.

Friday 20th October - today we have celebrated the achievements of our oldest children who have been creating some very amusing nonsense poems as well as designing and making games using electrical circuits. We also congratulated our High 5 Netballers and the children who have earned MERITs recently. Well done, children.

Friday 6th October saw us celebrate the achievements of children in Y1/2 who have been really busy designing and building scarecrows. They had to make them out of strong materials so they would stand up nice and tall and dress them to look as though they had been out in the fields for a long time. They used lots of coloured patches to make the clothes look tatty. We were very impressed by the children's work and even more impressed by their confident presentations in front of the whole school. Great job Y1/2!

We also celebrated the success of the older children who have been doing their Bikeability training all week and received their well-deserved certificates and badges and, finally, we shared in the success of all the children who received a MERIT recently.

Friday 22nd September


Today it was the turn of Y3/4 classes to share their work in our Pride Assembly.  To fit in with their topic of the Stone Age, we first saw some of their amazing pictures inspired by cave paintings.  After this, we were treated to some Big Writing.  Some children read their diary entries in which they wrote as if they were an everyday object.  Some were much harder to guess than others!  In addition, some children read us extracts from their stories about falling into a cold, dark cave.  Their descriptions were so vivid that they had us all shivering.  Stig of the Dump would have felt right at home!


We then moved on to celebrating success in other areas of the school.  The cross country team were mentioned for their determination in improving their times and we also heard about the successes of children from around the school who had been awarded merits this week.  Finally, we mentioned Jessica Lambley for her hard work in supporting the charity cake sale (all her own idea) which will take place next Friday. 

This week's merit winners.

Friday 15th September


We started our assembly today by welcoming the Foxes and Squirrels to their very first whole school assembly! They sat beautifully and listened so attentively to Year 5 & 6 who shared their recent learning. 


Mrs Peacock and Mr Murphy's class started by showing us their first Big Writing of the year and the children read some amazing descriptions of a jungle. Mrs Mitchell's class also shared some beautiful artwork they have been working on for a display in the hall. 


We finished by celebrating Daniel's achievements in trumpet and those awarded Merits this week.

Friday 8th September 2017


Cliffe and Dale made a guest appearance in assembly this morning.

There was a special mention for two children who showed tremendous community spirit during the holiday. The made and sold fudge to raise an amazing £137.89. Well done!





September 2017

Friday 14th July

This week the children in Years 3 and 4 shared photos from their trip to the grounds of Belton. Children shared the exciting activities they carried out there and the artwork they created. The children have also been creating green houses in their design technology work, which incorporate an opening roof with the use of pneumatics. 


We then celebrated the MERITs awarded this week and shared in the success of the table tennis team. 

Friday 7th July

This morning the children in Year 5 and 6 celebrated their learning. They talked about their parabolic pictures and showed us some super intricate designs. The children have also created some fantastic seascape pictures in the style of Turner.

We ended our assembly by celebrating the MERITs awarded this week.


Friday 30th June

This week our Foxes and Squirrels told us all about their completed Cliffedale Challenges. They told us all about bubble blowing and playing in the rain. A snail race has also taken place in EYFS involving friction powered plastic snails. The children had great fun and talked about trying out different surfaces to get the best result.


The children in Year 1 and 2 have also completed another Cliffedale Challenge. After designing and making a kite the children had the opportunity to fly their kites on The Oval at Belton House. They confidently shared their designs and talked in detail about flying their kites. Some of the children talked about their evaluations and the whole school were amazed by Bensons' evaluation. Next time he would improve the structural integrity! Following on from their visit the children had also created guides to Belton House.


We celebrated a  bumper selection of MERITs awarded this week and left assembly singing "Let's go fly a kite".

Cliffedale Challenge

Friday 23rd June 


This morning Years 3 & 4 shared work from their new topic, 'The Garden Centre.' Miss Coley's class shared their seed observation pouches that they have been growing. Miss Griffin's class shared their explanation texts about seed dispersal and Miss Deane's class showed their amazing efforts in their homework. Luke had us all guessing what sports his garden represented!

Friday 9th June 2017

This morning in assembly our Foxes and Squirrels confidently shared their sun safety advice. The year 1 and 2 children demonstrated their moving flower pictures and talked about their garden designs. We also celebrated the MERITs awarded this week.

Friday 26th May

Our last sharing assembly for term 5 was an opportunity to celebrate the MERITs awarded this week and for our year 3 and 4 children to share their super work on Vikings.

Friday 19th May


During our sharing assembly this morning we travelled back  with the year 5 and 6 children to Ancient Greece. We saw some super examples of masks, saw some detailed examples of writing and were given a mini lesson in 3d shape. We then celebrated the MERITs awarded this week. A special mention was given to the drama club for their amazing performance.

Friday 12th May

This morning the children from Year 1 and 2 shared their super ideas and designs for the outdoor areas outside of their classrooms.They had also created some amazing sunflower pictures. Our EYFS children confidently told us all about their visit to Little Jack's Farm. We then shared the huge number of MERITs awarded this week.

Friday 5th May 2017

This morning in assembly the children in Years 3 and 4 shared their recent topic work. We heard all about their mapping skills and learnt that the Vikings once settled in Grantham! We then congratulated the children who had been awarded MERITs this week.

Picture 1


Tuesday 2nd May

This morning our Year 5 and 6 children shared a selection of their super Greek temple models and their super poetry work. We also celebrated the MERITs awarded last week.

Friday 21st April has been a special day with our Legacy Tour assembly presented by the Young Ambassadors from National Junior School and Cliffedale Primary School. We also celebrated a few early, summer MERITS!

In our awards assembly, we celebrated the achievements of our footballers, table tennis players, chess team, bikeability participants, Gold certificate winners and weekly MERIT earners. We also found out who had won the house trophy this term....

Friday 17th March 2017

This morning in assembly the children in Year 5 and 6 shared their learning with us. We then congratulated the children who had been awarded MERITs this week.


Friday 10th March 2017


Today it was the turn of the children in year 1 and 2 joined by the Foxes and Squirrels to share their learning with us. We then celebrated the MERITs achieved this week.


Tuesday 28th February 2017 During assembly Mrs Smith talked to us about Lent and we made some pancakes.

Monday 6th February This morning we shared our exciting maths activities and celebrated the Merits awarded last week.

Friday 27thtJanuary

This morning our Year 1 and 2 children shared their learning in assembly. They told us all about their topic. They retold, “Oi! Get Off Our Train.” The children had created some super pencil drawings of the different animals in the story. Our Foxes and Squirrels then confidently told us all about Super Hero’s and different people who help us. This week we celebrated the achievements of lots of children who had received merits throughout the week for a variety of different reasons from super handwriting to the super use of prepositions.

Friday 20th January

Today it was the turn of our 3/4 classes to share their work in assembly. They told us all about their work on ancient Egypt. We looked at lots of pharaoh pictures and heard all about creating amulets.


It has been a very busy week for Merits and we were pleased to share the success with the children who had produced some super work.

Picture 1

Friday 13th January 2017. This morning we held our first celebration assembly of 2017. The children in years 5 and 6 shared their work on Ancient Maya. They held an art day and designed and made masks. Some masks had even been decorated with chocolate wrappers. Chocolate was certainly the theme running through our assembly. A group of children also shared their super Charlie and the Chocolate Factory writing. We heard about the MERITs awarded this week and enjoyed celebrating our success.

Monday 19th December - thank you to family and friends for sharing our Christingle - perhaps the start of a new tradition - the pictures speak for themselves ...enjoy.

Friday 2nd December, 2016

After our sharing assembly, today, we celebrated with the children who have earned MERITS as well as congratulating the performers who have been taking part in 'Elf, the Musical.' They have put on an outstanding show at The Guildhall and should feel very proud of themselves.


Picture 1

Friday 18th November, 2016

How fabulous our Children in Need accessories looked today! Assembly was a very bright and colourful event this morning with flashing ears and several Pudseys!

Congratulations to the children who have received a MERIT this week - keep up the good work!

Monday 14th November, 2016


This morning got off to a musical start with a live performance by 'Sharp 5,' a five piece Jazz band from The King's School. We loved hearing their sound and found their performance very inspiring.

The children who are learning to play instruments were invited to have a question and answer session with the musicians afterwards and found out how they communicate with each other as they play, how much time they spend practising, what makes them enjoy music so much and some interesting facts about different instruments.

We had a lot of fun, we were very impressed and we have invited them to come and play again!


The children who received MERITS last week enjoyed their applause from everyone, as well, this morning. This included the whole of 3/4NS for their stunning models of French landmarks which have been on display in the small hall area.

We had a very special mention for Daniel in Y3/4 who has recently won several junior golf tournaments and holds the European Junior Champion trophy - which is spectacular!

Finally, a huge well done to all the children who took part in the Young Americans workshop last week. The show on Friday night was absolutely stunning! (see Gallery for separate photos)

11th November - we have had some very special assemblies this week, ending with our Service of Remembrance.

Monday 7th November, 2016

Today we congratulated the children who were awarded a MERIT for their special effort last week.

Picture 1

Friday 7th October, 2016

This morning we celebrated the achievements of the children in Years 5 and 6. We heard some beautiful poetry which had been written as a homework task. These were about different planets and included plenty of accurate facts as well as different poetic devices.

We also enjoyed hearing about the volcanoes which have been made( and erupted) recently and which led to some very impressive journalistic writing about Mount St. Helen's.

A group of talented artists explained how they had created a sense of perspective through the careful use of colour in landscape painting. We saw some very stormy skies and evidence of incredible perseverance.

Plenty of MERITs have been awarded this week for children who have been making a special effort. We heard about effort in Big Writing, in the swimming pool, in mathematical problem solving and hand writing where several children have worked extra hard to find just the right style and are now comfortable using pen.

Finally we celebrated the outstanding performance of our Athletics Team who out ran the rest of Grantham in the Mike Bundy Cross Country League by finishing the season as overall champions!

Congratulations everyone.

Friday 23rd September

The children in EYFS joined us in our Proud Assembly for the first time today and sat absolutely beautifully. Mrs Kingston and Mrs Marshall are so proud of how brilliantly they have settled into school life.

The children in Year 1 and 2 shared their stories about Goldilocks. They explained that she had not been making very good choices! The descriptions of Goldilocks were very detailed and we enjoyed hearing them being read to us.

Other children showed us their designs for stained glass windows which they created as part of their RE work and we also saw a great piece of team work when a group showed us the house they had designed and built together.

Plenty of children have earned MERITs this week and we enjoyed celebrating their success. Finally, we congratulated the Cross Country runner who had a very successful meet earlier this week. Their photograph and report can be seen in this week's Newsletter.

Friday 16th September, 2016

Today we celebrated the achievements of children in Year3/4 who couldn't wait to tell us what they have been doing. Mr Jones led the sharing today so he chose the music to walk in to ....we flew to the moon and danced among the stars with Frank Sinatra!

Miss Coley's class have been learning about the French Impressionists and showed us their versions of Monet's 'Water Lilies' which were created using gentle strokes of oil pastel. They explained the techniques and applied them really well in their own work.

Mr Jones' class have been using a lot of talk in their writing this week as they have been thinking about intonation by using different voices and actions to 'perform' their finished writing. Mr Jones had to hold their books as they read their work out because they had to use their hands so much!

Miss Smith's class told us about the way they have been investigating maths symbols, for greater than and less than, by playing different dice games. Some of them had chosen to work on the floor where they looked very comfortable and focused.

We heard about the MERITs which have been awarded this week - Mr Jones read out the names and said it was the first time he had ever done it and found it really special. Now he knows why I enjoy it so much! Finally, we celebrated the success and participation of our Cross Country team who got their season off to a flying start earlier this week.

We also had  a tiny visitor in school yesterday when Mr and Mrs Murphy popped in to school to show baby Theo where Daddy works.

Another super week at Cliffedale!

Friday 9th September, 2016

Today we enjoyed our first Proud Assembly of many....

Year 5 and 6 have made a super start to the new school year and some children were asked to come out on behalf of their classes to celebrate the way they have engaged and been so well organised.

Mrs Peacock was really proud of her whole class who have been so welcoming to a new member of the class. We are all proud to know that we have so many kind children at Cliffedale.

Although we have not started to fill our new MERIT book yet, we did enjoy presenting the last of the House Point certificates to children who were absent at the end of last term.

Well done to everyone!

Thursday 19th May, 2016

We have been thoroughly inspired by paralympian, Sam Ruddock, who came to talk to us today about his hunt for gold at this year’s Rio Paralympics.

As an ambassador for Inspire+, Sam is meeting thousands of children to share his experience of growing up with a disability but never letting this hold him back in his achievements. His message is simple; ‘Be the best you can be.’

Sam's event is the Shot Put and every child had the chance to hold a shot and pieces of kit, including a British team vest from London 2012 and a new one for Rio 2016.

Sam and our Sports Ambassadors signed a contract in which he promises to do everything he can to give himself the best chance of winning a gold medal in Rio and we promise to try and live a more active and healthy life style.

We are very grateful to Sam for spending time with us today and all wish him the very best in his preparations, for the Paralympics this summer, and hope he achieves his dream.

Thursday 17th December

The school came together, in their Christmas jumpers, to hold a Carol Service led by the children. Each reader told a part of the Christmas story and we sang our Christmas Carols together. Our talented choir sang Silent Night for us to bring the occasion to an end.

At our Remembrance Service we paid our respects to the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. We listened to some beautiful poems and each reader began by lighting a candle and placing it beneath our special wreath of poppies. The huge wreath had been created with smaller wreaths made by each class using their hand prints and containing thoughts and messages of remembrance written by the children.

Mr Jones began by reading, 'The Soldier,' by Rupert Brooke followed by an anonymous poem in which a mother explains the significance of poppies to her child, read by Mrs Eade.

Mrs Heighton chose to read, 'We Shall Keep the Faith,' by Moina Michael who wrote this in 1918 after being inspired by another famous war poem.

Many soldiers left messages for loved ones when they went into battle and Mrs Eade read, 'Do not stand at my grave and weep,' which had been left in an envelope addressed to his parents, by a young soldier called Steve Cummins who gave his life in Northern Ireland.

'I went to see the Soldiers,' by Kenny Martin, was chosen and read by Mrs Boland, one of our Governors and our final piece was read by Mr Lidbury. He read the famous poem, 'In Flanders Fields,' written by John McCrae in 1915 after the loss of his friends and comrades in battle.

We stood silently, together, hearing the Last Post as we watched a series of images which helped us think and be still. The distant sound of the gunfire from The Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, signalled the start and end of the silence. We shall remember them.

In Monday’s Assembly, Liz Woods came to talk to the children about the Grantham Foodbank. She brought a large selection of food which was enough for a family of 5 to last for 3 days and children put together some healthy meals. They were surprised at the variety provided.

Liz explained that needing help at a difficult time is something that can happen to anyone and everyone who needs help will receive it.

Children have been invited to bring tins, packets and other long life food to school ready for our Harvest Festival celebration later this week and this will all be donated to the Grantham Foodbank. Representatives will come to school on Thursday to collect our offerings which we hope will make a real difference to members of our local community in need.

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