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Celebration Assemblies

Friday 22nd June


Bug Banquet Challenge


Today Key Stage 1 challenged Mr Murphy to follow their instructions to make a healthy bug from salad and cream cheese. The children explained how they had been looking at writing instructions, using imperative verbs , time openers and key vocabulary. Mr Murphy listened carefully, followed the instructions and produced his own healthy caterpillar. 

well earned MERITS

well earned MERITS 1

Friday 11th May, 2018

Special thanks to our Foxes and Squirrels who presented  a lovely Celebration Assembly this morning. They told us all about their visit to Little Jack's Farm earlier in the week where they discovered that pigs snore and use mud as sun cream, how to use a flat hand to feed animals and how to plant sunflower seeds. In planting their seeds, they have completed a Cliffedale Challenge and now have the challenge of helping them to grow.

The children finished their presentation with a lovely song about Little Jack's and all the animals they saw which sounded just like Old MacDonald (but better).

Lovely job everyone, thank you.


We also celebrated the achievements of our MERIT earners, some of whom have been making a special effort with homework, some have been managing their distractions to become more resilient and others have been working really hard in their Maths tasks. Congratulations to all!

May the 4th.


Key Stage 1 had the pleasure of presenting the assembly today.

Ethan started the presentation, expertly conducting the school in a friendship song from the work in music this term.

1/2 PB then presented some of their work looking at report writing, sharing the learning and reading examples. 

1/2 LM shared some of their Miini-beast files, explaining how the had researched facts and considered the presentation.

1/2 SF told of their mini-beast hunt and set everyone a challenge to look out for mini-beasts over the weekend.

Assembly finished with the celebration of Merits and congratulations to the cross-country team for their efforts in the recent competition.

May 4th assembly

A happy cross-country team.

A happy cross-country team. 1

Look who is celebrating a merit this week

Look who is celebrating a merit this week 1
Friday 23rd March
This week's Merit winners.
Picture 1
On Friday 23rd March, we celebrated Easter with a special assembly. Each class looked at different Easter traditions from Chocolate Eggs to Easter Bunnies and then shared what they had learnt with the school.

Friday 8th March. Today the Foxes and Squirrels performed the story of The Little Red Hen. They were a perfect team - together, enthusiastic and accurate. The older children said they felt proud of their young friends and impressed by their skills and confidence. We also celebrated another batch of well earned MERITS. Congratulations to all.


Animal Magic.


 26th January.


It was the turn of Years 1 and 2 to share their learning this week. 


The topic for the term is Animal Magic. 1/2 PB shared some work about 'Owl Babies', reading pieces using descriptive language thinking about the sounds the owlets would hear in the wood at night. They then shared a telling of the story they had written, adding detail to the original.


1/2 LM talked about researching information, looking at caring for pets, and shared their information leaflets they had made.


1/2 SF showed some of their work considering what a person would need to survive on a desert island. They also had everybody joining in a quiz thinking about which animals lived in which habitat.


In the assembly we also celebrated those who took part in the Large School Swimming Gala this week and congratulated the large number of children who achieved a merit this week. 






Friday 19th January


Years 3&4 shared their recent learning in Science today. Miss Coley's class showed us their class skeletons and got everyone playing 'Simon Says' naming and pointing to bones in our body. Mr Jones's class shared their Big Writing fact files and gave us all a test on: Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores. Then, Mrs Marshall's class shared some of their fantastic homework projects about healthy eating and some 3D models of balanced meals they had made.

After, we heard from Mr Pirie and Miss Broad about the recent Y3&4 badminton event and the children who participated received a certificate. We also celebrated all of this week’s merits, there has been a lot of achievements in Maths this week! Well done everyone. 

In our final assembly of the 2017, we looked fabulous in our Christmas jumpers and we celebrated our achievements with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates - the Foxes and Squirrels earned their very first certificates. Over 13,000 House Points have been awarded since September and Rushcliffe House won the trophy which was a very proud moment for them. Well done to all four houses for their team effort as they earned over 3000 House Points each, which is really impressive. What a great end to 2017!


Year 3/4 shared their work with the rest of the school today.  Mrs Marshall's class proudly showed their homework task of creating a Bronze Age or Iron Age Artefact. They explained how they created them and what they were used for.  Mr Jones' class shared their fantastic letter writing. Having explored a range of Julia Donaldson's books and having enjoyed reading these within the class, they wrote letters asking her about her work.  Miss Coley's class were excited to share what happened across year 3/4 on Wednesday. They told the whole school all about the Cliffedale PE Kit thief who had taken some PE kits and PE clothes leaving behind notes. Finally, we celebrated the achievements of those people who been awarded merits in the past few days.  Well done, everyone!



Year 3/4 Sharing Assembly

Friday 24th November


Year 5/6 shared their work with the rest of the school today.  Some children showed their Victorian carousels, one of which was a working model complete with an electrical circuit and a pulley.  Mr Murphy's class talked about their work with construction kits which developed their understanding of cams, gears and pulleys.  Mrs Peacock's class shared some of their Big Writing.  This focused on writing tourist guide scripts for Ghastly-Gorm Hall.  In addition, the winners of the Great Cliffedale Leaf Dash were announced.  The House Captains had 10 minutes to dash around the playground, collecting as many leaves as possible in ten minutes.  The winners were Northcliffe House with 6 huge bin bags of leaves. Finally, we celebrated the achievements of those people who been awarded merits in the past few days.  Well done, everyone!


We also had a special visitor in Assembly today - Mr Roger Graves of the Grantham Rotary Club.  He came to present a certificate to celebrate the amazing achievement of the school in raising £230 for hurricane relief.  It was presented to Jessica from Year 5 whose idea it was to hold a cake sale.

Our Year 5/6 celebration assembly

Friday 17th November.

It was the turn of Years 1 and 2 to present in assembly. We shared our journey looking at 'Little Bear's Trousers' by Jane Hissey. 

We explained how we had listened to the story, how we verbally ordered it, acted it out, considered the beginning, middle and end  and finally wrote our own versions. 

Following our presentation the school celebrated the merits from this week and the achievements of the football team. 

assembly presentation slides

Friday 3rd November: In our sharing assembly today, Years 3&4 shared their exciting Science Fair that was put on for parents just before the half term holiday. We heard about the event, saw pictures, watched some videos of children explaining states of matter and saw a live gases experiment! We also celebrated the MERITS from this week.

Friday 20th October - today we have celebrated the achievements of our oldest children who have been creating some very amusing nonsense poems as well as designing and making games using electrical circuits. We also congratulated our High 5 Netballers and the children who have earned MERITs recently. Well done, children.

Friday 6th October saw us celebrate the achievements of children in Y1/2 who have been really busy designing and building scarecrows. They had to make them out of strong materials so they would stand up nice and tall and dress them to look as though they had been out in the fields for a long time. They used lots of coloured patches to make the clothes look tatty. We were very impressed by the children's work and even more impressed by their confident presentations in front of the whole school. Great job Y1/2!

We also celebrated the success of the older children who have been doing their Bikeability training all week and received their well-deserved certificates and badges and, finally, we shared in the success of all the children who received a MERIT recently.

Friday 22nd September


Today it was the turn of Y3/4 classes to share their work in our Pride Assembly.  To fit in with their topic of the Stone Age, we first saw some of their amazing pictures inspired by cave paintings.  After this, we were treated to some Big Writing.  Some children read their diary entries in which they wrote as if they were an everyday object.  Some were much harder to guess than others!  In addition, some children read us extracts from their stories about falling into a cold, dark cave.  Their descriptions were so vivid that they had us all shivering.  Stig of the Dump would have felt right at home!


We then moved on to celebrating success in other areas of the school.  The cross country team were mentioned for their determination in improving their times and we also heard about the successes of children from around the school who had been awarded merits this week.  Finally, we mentioned Jessica Lambley for her hard work in supporting the charity cake sale (all her own idea) which will take place next Friday. 

This week's merit winners.

Friday 15th September


We started our assembly today by welcoming the Foxes and Squirrels to their very first whole school assembly! They sat beautifully and listened so attentively to Year 5 & 6 who shared their recent learning. 


Mrs Peacock and Mr Murphy's class started by showing us their first Big Writing of the year and the children read some amazing descriptions of a jungle. Mrs Mitchell's class also shared some beautiful artwork they have been working on for a display in the hall. 


We finished by celebrating Daniel's achievements in trumpet and those awarded Merits this week.

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